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Stephen Rigby is a 5 star reviewed dog training professional covering Brighton and Sussex. 

Having always had a huge love of dogs, I have dedicated my career to helping both dogs and their owners enjoy a happy and balanced life together.

With over 15 years experience I have trained and studied dogs from various backgrounds, giving me a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

My work has allowed me to develop proven methods and given me lots of fantastic opportunities including working with organisations like the RSPCA, Guide Dogs and Canine Partners, an assistance dog charity based in Sussex.

Having worked as an instructor for many years I am able to offer accurate assessments that will allow you to understand your dog and overcome any problems quickly and easily. I will always give step by step advice with a clear and definite route towards progression.

I love my work and I am here to help. So if you need any support or advice then please get in touch below to find out how I can help you and your dog today.

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